SSC Network Ban Policy

Network Ban Offenses

  • Cheating - Performing any action that an unmodified client is incapable of performing. Developing, distributing, or promoting cheat software. Minimal 90 day net ban for first offence.
  • Cross zone Spamming - Following a local zone ban, repeatedly switching names to avoid ?ignore, then spamming or harassing zone staff with cross-zone messages, after a warning to stop. Maximum 7 day net ban for first offence.
  • Harassment - Continual harassment of players, zone operators, or server hosts in real life. Examples include contacting ISPs to shut down zones, or researching private player real life information and proceeding to harass or stalk them in real life.
  • Security - Disrupting or attempting to disrupt the security of the billing server, any SSC zone or server. Examples include flooding servers or players, spreading knowledge of how to disrupt security, unauthorized access to the billing or zone servers, stealing passwords, impersonating SSC Zones, or distributing confidential information about servers or players. Maximum 30 day first offence net ban for a threat to disrupt security.
  • Exceptions - Any other net ban requires authorization from a BanG administrator. Net bans of length exceeding 365 days require authorization from a BanG administrator.

Network BanG Operator Policy

  • Netwide Banfree - Only used to banfree names inadvertently locked out by another pilot's netban.
  • BanG Op Abuse - BanG operaters intentionally violating net ban policy may have their operator status removed. Minimal 30 day operator status suspension for first offence.
  • Commenting Bans - All net bans require detailed comments or may be subject for removal by a BanG Administrator. Comments include the reason for the ban, possible modified ban info including the zone the offence took place, possible references to original bans, scope of the ban (IP, MID, Name), and any other relevant details.
  • Ban Removal - Net ban removal is restricted to the operator who placed the ban. Improper net bans may be removed by a BanG administrator, who will contact the operator with reasoning why their ban was removed.
  • Net Bang Op - Users with BanG access lvl 1 who can net ban (typically zone sysops).
  • Bang Administrator - Users who administer the BanG system to enforce net ban policy.

Network BanG Operators

SpaceHiker - Principal Operator / Network Co-Sysop

BanG Administrators

Ghost Ship - Network Sysop
PriitK - Network Sysop

These individuals are listed for legitimacy. Please do not contact them for BanG issues.

To request a network ban review please visit: