SubSpace Council Members

15973 - T3G Gauntlet Staff (SSC)
Arnk Dylie - SSCE Hockey / Football Zone
Bak- - Developer of Discretion game client
cypherjf - SSC Omega Fire
D1st0rt - SSCE Hyperspace
Dr Brain - Programmer of ASSS, SSCE Hyperspace
Ghost Ship - SSC Billing / BanG Director
Hallucination - SSCXX Chaos/League Zone SVS
JoWie - SSCJ Devastation, ASSS Developer
Krynetix - SSCU Trench Wars Dev Team
Liito - SSCU Death Star Battle
MikeTheNose - SS Council Administrator, Billing Operator
M_M God - SSCU Trench Wars
Mom - SSC Billing Operator, Account Administrator
Mine GO BOOM - Programmer / Server Help Website
Platinum-Halo - / / SSC Security Administrator
Pure_Luck - SSCU Trench Wars
Passplay - SSCXX Chaos / Premier League
PoLiX - Retired Network Operator
SpaceHiker - SSC BanG Operator
Ratio - SSCX Extreme Games
zreqdf - SSCU Trench Wars Dev

Network BanG Operators

SpaceHiker - Principal Operator

Support Billing Operators

Mom - Principal Operator
MikeTheNose - Support Operator

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